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Door entry systems are of utmost importance to every home. They provide an extra layer of security to both residential and commercial properties. However, door entry systems go beyond a simple lock; they ensure that entry locks are only released to visitors who are granted access into the premises. At present, there are different types of door entry system; some of which include:

Telephone Entry System

A telephone entry system is a voice communication system installed in commercial properties, family homes, and offices to provide a two-way communication using electronic devices that receive and transmit audio. It helps people to hear the voice of the visitor at the door before allowing them access to the premises.

Video Entry System

A video entry system, on the other hand, adds an extra layer of security by enabling people inside the premises to verify and see who is at the door using a integrated camera, before allowing them access. It is a convenient way of ensuring unauthorized persons are kept out of a building.Video Entry System

Main Differences Between Telephone and Video Entry Systems

Provides an Extra Layer of Security

An extra layer of security: Video entry systems provide an extra layer of security that isn’t obtainable with the telephone entry system. This is because, with the video entry system, you get to see who is at the door, verify their identity and choose whether to let them in or not. You also have the option of keeping the person at the door waiting while you verify who they are.

Captures Vital Evidence

A video entry system allows you to record and store footages which can be presented as evidence in case of burglary on other apartments that are close by.

Enhanced Convenience

A video entry system is also perfect for people who want the convenience of seeing and speaking with a visitor without opening the door remotely. Sometimes, you don’t even have to be at the property to control who gains access and who doesn’t.

Why Choose LobiBox Visitor Video Entry and Access Control System?

If you are in search of a durable and convenient video entry system that allows employers or tenants to see and talk with visitors using a mobile app, then your best option is to opt for LobiBox Visitor Video Entry and Access Control System.

Secure Video Entry System

With LobiBox, visitors can type an employee or tenant name and click connect, members have the option of connecting with voice and one-way Video to verify the Visitor’s status before granting or denying access.

Complete Access Control

LobiBox comes with an integrated Access Card / NFC reader, which can be integrated into your existing access system or is a fully functional stand-alone system.

Easy Visitor Scheduling

With LobiBox there is no need to give visitors access cards or temporary codes for entry. Members can schedule visitors, and LobiBox will text them a temporary code with an expiration date. Visitors use the code for entry and members are notified when the visitor arrives.

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