LobiBox Visitor Management System


LobiBox The Virtual Receptionist Kiosk


Welcome to the future of access control. LobiBox is a premium smart-digital visitor management and access control system that provides businesses a layer of security by allowing members of your organization to verify visitors by voice and video before granting them access.

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LobiBox The Virtual Receptionist Kiosk

LobiBox + Door Controller

Welcome to the future of access control. The LobiBox unit with added door controller will allow users to remotely lock or unlock any connected door with the tap of a button or swipe of a card.

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HOw Many Units?

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100% Compatible with ANY entry System On The Market

Why LobiBox?

The LobiBox system was built with ease-of-use in mind from the bottom up. Your tenants, employees or visitors will have no trouble gaining entry with the provided access methods. The company dashboard provides total access control without any headaches.

Provide your residents or tenants with peace of mind when having visitors over by allowing them to verify their visitors via video call before granting entry. Prevent intruders from entering without a valid access method anywhere a LobiBox is installed.

LobiBox is the most affordable and feature-packed secure video entry system on the market. Keep LobiBox in mind for your next real estate project if you want to beat your budget without sacrificing scalability.

With multiple fast and efficient access methods, LobiBox is the perfect solution to provide convenience for your residents, staff or visitors. Any approved user can gain access with just a tap, swipe or press!

The Easy Way To screen Visitors!

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