LobiBox Visitor Management System


LobiBox has all of the essential features you need to upgrade and simplify the building entry process for a variety of applications.

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Compatible with ANY entry System On The Market

The Ultimate Door Entry System

residential door entry system


Provide your residents with a safe and reliable property door entry system and allow them to create visitor access codes for friends and family.


LobiBox provides an all-in-one building access and entry system with the compatibility to connect with any current system.

commercial door entry system
secure door entry system


Secure your building and grant monitored access to employees and contractors, customizable down to the individual, dates, and times.


A low-cost and universal solution to modern access control and visitor management with a distinguished design.

door entry system plans

Connect With A Door
Entry System Specialist

Connect with one of our door entry system specialists and learn which LobiBox features can improve the convenience and security of your development. With a variety of essential security and access features, the possibilities are endless.

wireless video intercom system
ALL Lobibox Features

Scan to enter

Members can access the property by scanning an RFID card or fob.

Visitor Management

Need to let someone in to water the plants or let the dog out? Grant one-time or temporary access to guests with virtual keys.

Guest Video Verification

Connect with a smartphone and see who is at the door before unlocking.

Mobile control

No key? no problem. Members can manage both personal and guest access through the mobile app, unlocking the door with the touch of a button.

Visitor Profile Control

Grant visitors limited access through the LobiBox mobile app with just a few clicks, whether for one time use, temporary access, or regular guests.

Secure Image Database

Automatically capture images of each unverified guest and access them through your administrative dashboard.

Custom visitor reporting

Administrators can monitor who has access to the property with detailed, time-stamped reporting, easily exportable and filtered to specific needs.

Seamless Installation

Easy to install and integrate with your current system, there is no limit to how many devices can be connected.

Modern Interface

LobiBox is the new wave of visitor management, encapsulated by a durable, weather-resident exterior with a stylish design.

Widespread compatibility

No new wires or new worries - LobiBox integrates with any current system.

Simple maintenance

LobiBox utilizes AWS to ensure hassle-free maintenance and updating for all devices, so you’ll never have to worry.

Control gates and door locks

LobiBox can control any size access gates and door locks.

Virtual receptionist

No more need to transfer calls to employees, as visitors can contact them directly through the unit.

Employee Time Tracking

Time-stamped reporting allows you to track who accessed the property and when, with photo verification.

Managed scheduled guests

Set different levels of access for employees, vendors, deliveries, or any other guest type and send them a virtual key.

Secure video entry

One-way video call feature lets members view visitors from a mobile device before granting access.

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