LobiBox Visitor Management System

Create Custom
Visitor Reports

Create, customize and export custom visitor and access reports for each LobiBox unit in your system for administrative use, or as a vital tool in potential security investigations.

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100% Compatible with ANY entry System On The Market

Door Entry

Generate specific door entry reports within your company dashboard to keep track of secured entry points.


Filter your customized reports by entry point, event type, visitor codes, logged errors and much more!


Your visitor logs and entries are secured in the database for up to 1 year, ready for export any time you need.


Export your reports to PDF, CSV or EXCEL file to archive and utilize in your office administrative tasks.


Easier Reporting

Make internal reporting easy with customizable segmentation through the company dashboard.

Live Reporting

View live reporting on events and entries in the dashboard and export in your desired format

Detailed Reports

View detailed access reports by individual member, access level, or activity type.

Security Archive

Create and store an archive of your building access logs to analyze and use in potential investigations.

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