LobiBox Visitor Management System

Secure Image

LobiBox takes images each time an unverified guest uses the unit for detailed, time-stamped reporting. View, filter and export the entire database as needed with the LobiBox company dashboard.

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Compatible with ANY entry System On The Market


Automatic image capture each time a visitor calls a member, or uses an authorized entry method.

1 Year

Capture images are stored in a secure database for at least a year, allowing you to access them when needed.


Images are time-stamped, given an ID number, and available for instant download from the dashboard.


Security log

Saved image files decrease liability by collecting potential evidence that can be utilized during investigations.

Admin Verification

Verify who is visiting the property and ensure employees or residents are properly administering virtual keys.

staff time clock

Verify that your employees are clocking in and out on time with a secure entry log database.

Vendor Scheduling

Verify that your vendors are on schedule during deliveries and provide secure building access.

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