Visitor Code Creation and Open Door Screen on mobile app


Easily schedule visitors by sending virtual key codes, tracking when they are used.

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how it works:

visitor scheduling

Residents and Employees can easily manage their guest’s access by issuing virtual key codes. Track when they are used and manage active keys in the LobiBox mobile app.

visitor scheduling in the mobile app

Create a visitor code in the LobiBox mobile app, adding the guest’s details and when they can access.

visitor scheduling QR code

Send the code via text or email to the guest.

visitor scheduling enter visitor key code

When the guest arrives, they will tap ‘Visitor Code’ on the LobiBox and scan the QR code.

visitor notification

The tenant receives a notification that their guest has used the virtual key.

Take Over tenant, Staff
& Visitor Access Control

Tenant & Staff Access Levels

Set customized access levels and schedules for tenants, staff, vendors, and any other visitor through the LobiBox Dashboard, setting time and door restrictions for each type.

monitor visitor code usage

Stay on top of unregistered visitors on property, monitoring code use with the ability to remove access at any time.

Display Admin Dashboard With Visitor Code Creation On Tablet

Create access levels for each type of Member or visitor to your property and set the times in which they are allowed access

Residents Family
Employees Meeting
Cleaning Staff
Delivery Man
Visitor's QR Code

Easy & Efficient
Visitor Management

easily manage guests

Members can send expected visitors QR codes via email or SMS with designated access times, tracking each time a code is used

send visitor codes

Members with visitor scheduling permissions can create unique access codes with specific parameters - adjust or revoke access from anywhere in seconds

self expiring

Self-expiring codes allow for members to send codes directly to guests’ phones with specific time parameters, so there is no need to hand out and track visitor cards.

Creating A New Visitor Code Using The Mobile App
Visitor's Image Log


history log

The app logs visitor activity while the admin dashboard stores all activities by members and visitors, including images.


Members receive a push notification anytime a guest uses a visitor code.

Push Notification Sent To Members