LobiBox Applications

Video intercom for business


Use LobiBox as a full time or part time receptionist for your small or medium sized facilities.
Visitors call employees direct from the video intercom module of the LobiBox Visitor Unit.
Delivery people can call an assigned employee by using the "I need assistance button".
And Visitors can be scheduled and granted access to the facility by using the Visitor Scheduling module.

Video Intercom for Apartments


LobiBox allows your tenants to see and communicate with a Visitor ,using the video intercom module, before granting access.
Tenants can schedule visitors with Visitor Scheduling to allow Visitors to use QR code to enter.
With build RFID access control the LobiBox Visitor Unit can be your standalone Access System

Access Control System with Video

Existing Access Control

Do you have an existing Access Control system for your building. LobiBox easily integrates with any existing access control system.