LobiBox Visitor Management System

& Dining

A visitor management, access control, and pickup order system all in one, built to bring convenience and security to your store or restaurant.

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Compatible with ANY ACCEss control system On The Market


Utilize your main LobiBox unit as a virtual receptionist for your commercial properties and grant access from anywhere.

Access Point

Control each and every access method that can be used to enter the building or property, and revoke access as needed.


Create and manage unique visitor codes for your guests and control everything from the schedule to access levels.

Gate & Door

LobiBox has the capability to control any size gate and door locks, allowing for complete control of your property’s entry points.

Employee Management
- Use time-stamped reporting to track when employees and vendors are accessing the office and generate reports with ease.

- Know all that is happening on your property with customizable reports based on visitor type, dates, points of entry, and method of entry.
Pickup Orders
- LobiBox serves as a check in station for pickup orders to divert traffic from the in-store crowd. Simply send your customers a virtual key after purchase to check in with at the LobiBox upon arrival.

- Connect with a parking gate and send customers virtual keys to access upon ordering.
Security Reporting
- Secure the back of your store or restaurant and grant controlled access to your staff, vendors, and deliveries.

- Confirm guests and unlock doors with video verification, easily controlled through a mobile device and the LobiBox app.

Secure Your LobiBox Installation Today!

Compatible with ANY ACCEss control system On The Market

Low Cost

Save thousands on installation as LobiBox requires minimal wiring and is easily compatible with your current system. Pre-Order today and connect with a local certified LobiBox installer.
LobiBox The Virtual Receptionist Kiosk

Connect With A Specialist

Connect with one of our Secure Entry Specialists and see which LobiBox features can improve the efficiency and security of your building’s entry points. Get started with the all-in-one secure entry solution for your next commercial building, property or shopping center. 

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