Upgrade your commercial development with a property technology designed to be easily administered, cost-efficient, and convenient to both property managers and tenants alike.

Learn how lobibox can solve your visitor management needs

Compatible with ANY ACCEss control system On The Market


Utilize LobiBox unit as a visitor’s first point of contact at your commercial properties, connecting them with a member who can grant access from anywhere.

Access Point

Control all means of entry to the building, property,  or business suite and revoke access as needed.


Create and manage unique visitor codes for your guests and control everything from the schedule to access levels.

Gate & Door

LobiBox can control any size access gates and door locks, and is compatible with any access control system.

lobibox video call
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Upgrade building security

with lobibox video intercom

LobiBox commercial access control provides one-to-many call capabilities, allowing one station to connect to any number of tenants’ or employees’ mobile devices.

One-Way Video Call
- One-way video calling lets tenants view the visitor while carrying a two-way audio conversation to protect privacy and keep the interaction secure

- Members can visually verify guests before granting access to the property
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Mobile Accessibility
- Open any gate, door or entry point with a quick tap from the LobiBox mobile app

- Tenants can manage both their and their guests’ access through the mobile app with visitor scheduling and tap to open features

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Simplified Administration
- Once the company is set up in the LobiBox cloud software, simply set up access levels and schedules to designate who is able to access the property and when

- View and export recent events, view images of previous activities, and manage all accessibility
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Integrated Access
- With only three connections needed, LobiBox is simple to install with any existing access control system

- LobiBox handles all updates remotely and automatically at down times to ensure visitor experience is unphased
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Virtual Keys
- Solve the headache of handing out and collecting visitor key cards by issuing self-expiring visitor codes

- Tenants can send virtual key codes to their expected guests, monitoring in the app each time a code is used with time-stamped details
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suite access

The turnkey, simple installation with only three connections makes LobiBox a perfect fit for a single suite application, with the ability to create a complete visitor management system utilizing an existing access control system.

access control for single door commercial suites

complete building access

With unlimited scalability, LobiBox can simplify and elevate the visitor experience on commercial properties. LobiBox works with elevator controls, parking gates, and existing access control systems to create an all-in-one experience.

access control for commercial office


scalable solution

LobiBox is the ultimate scalable, secure entry solution for your new or existing commercial building project with no limitations for the number of units or members the system can support.

universal compatibility

LobiBox works both as a stand-alone device and in tandem with any existing commercial access control system by acting as a relay to the current door controller.

scheduled access

Specific access times ensure that your property is always secured only to those who should have access, setting custom access levels for each type of guest.

virtual reception

LobiBox serves as your building’s receptionist, connecting visitors with the member they are visiting and saving thousands on reception costs.