Video Intercom with Mobile App

for Business & Multi-Tenant Residential

Visitor Video Entry System for Business

LobiBox provides a complete Visitor Entry System to employees of your organization to view and talk with a visitor by utliizing the LobiBox mobile application.  

Video intercom for business

Lobibox For Business

Use LobiBox as a full time or part time receptionist for your small or medium sized facilities.
Visitors call employees direct from the video intercom module of the LobiBox Visitor Unit.
Delivery people can call an assigned employee by using the "I need assistance button".
And Visitors can be scheduled and granted access to the facility by using the Visitor Scheduling module.

Video Intercom for Apartments

LobiBox For Multi-Tenant Residential

LobiBox allows your tenants to see and communicate with a Visitor ,using the video intercom module, before granting access.
Tenants can schedule visitors with Visitor Scheduling to allow Visitors to use QR code to enter.
With build RFID access control the LobiBox Visitor Unit can be your standalone Access System

View and talk to Visitor before granting access

Video Entry System with Mobile App

Receptionist Mobile App Intercom
Intercom with card reader

Integrated Card Reader

Access Control

Codes that expire to reduce your management

Visitor Scheduling

Visitor Scheduling with Mobile App

Touchless Visitor Scheduling

By using QR codes with Visitor Scheduling, visitors can use the LobiBox touchless. The visitors are sent a code from the server via text or email. When the Visitor arrives at the LobiBox kiosk, they simply hold the QR Code up to the camera and that is it. The door is unlocked and/or the tenant is notified the visitor has arrived.