LobiBox Visitor Management System

All-in-One Smart Video Intercom:
your access is granted!

Smart Access Control System


One-way video calls add an additional layer of security for members to verify who is on the other side of the door before granting access.


No need to transfer calls to employees, as visitors can contact them directly through the visitor unit.


Confirm who is at the door with one-way video calling and a secure image database.


With one quick tap, LobiBox's smart video intercom allows visitors who need assistance to contact a specified security agent or staff member.

Mobile App

Invest in an amenity that secures your building and empowers your residents to easily manage access for their guests.

one-way video call

One-way video calling lets members view the visitor while carrying a two-way audio conversation to keep the interaction secure.

visitor scheduling

Create unique visitor access codes in seconds and send to your guests from the mobile app.

History Logs

Access date- and time-stamped video call and visitor code history within the smart video intercom mobile app.

Tap AND Open

No key? No problem! LobiBox's smart access control system allows members to manage both personal and guest access through the mobile app.

Access Control
& Door Access Event Log

Speed Up Building Access

LobiBox Visitor Units offer many easy and efficient methods for your staff, tenants, and visitors to enter your property. Registered members can gain access with the mobile app, a provided RFID card, or with a scan-to-enter visitor code.

Live Door Access Event Log

LobiBox's smart video intercom software stores a complete entry log for each door including live timestamps, member information, entry methods and forced open attempts.

LobiBox Integrated Access Control With Details Of Door Controller

Learn how LobiBox can solve your visitor management needs

Compatible with ANY ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM On The Market

LobiBox Visitor Code Creation Within The Mobile App

Visitor Scheduling

Visitor Management System

With real-time status alerts, entry notifications and complete access control to your entire system, the LobiBox app is the modern all-in-one solution for building access and security.

video call functionality

The LobiBox smart video intercom acts as a virtual video doorbell for your secure entry point, allowing you to know exactly who is trying to enter any monitored location and grant or deny access.

Visitor code creation

LobiBox's smart access control system allows you to create, manage, and revoke access codes with just a few clicks using the simplified visitor management system through the mobile app.

Central Security


  • Disable Visitor Access
  • Lockdown Visitor Unit Entry Point
  • Unlock Doors with Timer
  • LobiCom Central Command Dashboard


    • One-Way Video Calls
    • Monitor Status Logs
    • Notifications

    A smart video intercom central security dashboard granting administrators full control over all secured entry points by providing one-way video call connectivity, access control, live statuses, and real-time event monitoring.

    Admin Dashboard

    Access Level & Scheduling

    Create access levels for contractors, tenants, and your staff schedules to prevent building access during unauthorized hours. The Admin Dashboard gives you full control over the days, times, and doors that each registered member is permitted access.

    Live Reporting

    Customize and export reports by entry point, event type, visitor codes, and logged errors from each smart video intercom for administrative use, or as a vital tool in potential security investigations.

    Manage Data

    Manage administrators and members accounts, company profile, and settings for LobiBox Visitor Unit.

    LobiBox is a video intercom entry system for multi-tenant units, commercial buildings, parking garages, hospitals, government facilities, rental properties, gated communities, and more. Available for both outdoor and indoor installation with entry options such as PIN or QR codes, RFID Card Reader, or mobile unlocking. Features include remote access control, video intercom, and central security with real-time event monitoring all with full dashboard control and the LobiBox Mobile App.

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