Visitor Management for Business & Multi-Tenant

LobiBox - Visitor Video Entry & Access Control System

LobiBox provides a complete Visitor Entry System to allow tenants or employees of your organization to view and talk with a visitor by utliizing the LobiBox mobile application.  

View and talk to Visitor before granting access

Video Entry System with Mobile App

Virtual Receptionist Mobile Application

Integrated Card Reader


Codes that expire to reduce your management

Visitor Scheduling by text

LobiBox Features

Video Entry System

Visitors type a Member's (tenants or employees) name into the LobiBox unit and click on CONNECT. Members can connect with Voice and  one-way Video to verify the Visitor's status before granting or denying access. 

Access Control System

LobiBox comes with an integrated Access Card / NFC reader. LobiBox can integrate into your existing access system or is a fully functional stand-alone system. Access can be time scheduled with privileges. 

Visitor Scheduling

No need to give Visitors access cards or temporary codes for entry. Members can schedule Visitors and LobiBox will text them a temporary code with an expiration date. Visitors use the code for entry and Members are notified when the Visitor arrives.