LobiCom Video Connect Call


A central security dashboard granting administrators full control over all secured entry points by providing video connectivity, access control, live statuses, and real-time event monitoring.

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Compatible with ANY ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM On The Market

how it works:

central reception

Guests can easily contact a central receptionist for help with access or directions. If a visitor does not have a code, they can receive help through the LobiBox. Administrators can connect with video and talk with the visitor before giving instructions or granting access.

delivery access control

A delivery driver arrives and does not have a visitor code to access the property.

contact central security and reception

The driver presses ‘I Need Assistance’ and is connected to central security or reception.

central security video call

The security personal or receptionist connects to the unit from LobiCom and has a one-way video conversation.

central reception delivery access

The deliverer is granted one-time access through LobiCom.

LobiCom central Security Video Connect Call With Visitor Requesting Assistance


Video Intercom

Connect with one-way video to any LobiBox unit to verify guests, check status, or monitor activity.

remote door

Disable access, lock, unlock, and monitor the status of all secured entry points from anywhere in the world.

LobiCom Remote Door Contol With Real-Time Monitoring
LobiCom Real-Time Monitoring Notifications


entry log

LobiCom provides real-time tracking and alerts for all events tracked by your LobiBox system. Keep a log of all card access entries, video intercom calls, visitor codes and security breaches such as forced entries.

LobiCom Emergency Lockdown


In the event of an emergency, LobiCom allows you to lockdown the visitor units, denying access to anybody who attempts to enter the property.

LobiCom central security Lockdown disable visitor unit