LobiBox Visitor Management System

government video entry system

Designed for convenient integration with government access control, Lobibox provides modern visitor management and central station monitoring for local, state, and federal operations.

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Compatible with ANY ACCEss control system On The Market


Decreasing face-to-face interactions in a pandemic, government officials can use the video intercom to have guests check-in while not requiring access into the facility, such as for probation or parole.

limit covid-19 exposure

The first line of defense, LobiBox’s video entry system screens visitors to ensure only those with granted access are allowed on site.

emergency Lockdown

In the event of an emergency or security crisis, LobiCom allows you to instantly lock down every visitor unit, denying access to either everyone or just visitors.

access history log

Stay in the know with all that happens on-site with detailed, time-stamped reporting on all activity and personnel.

One-Way Video Call
- One-way video calling lets employees view the visitor through the video entry system while carrying a two-way audio conversation to protect privacy and keep the interaction secure

- With the central station monitoring feature, employees can visually verify guests before granting access to the government property
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Mobile Accessibility
- Open any gate, door or entry point with a quick tap from the LobiBox mobile app

- Employees can manage both their and their guests’ access through the mobile app with visitor scheduling and tap to open features

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Simplified Administration
- Once the company is set up in the LobiBox cloud software, simply set up access levels and schedules to designate who is able to access the property and when

- View and export recent events, view images of previous activities, and manage all accessibility
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Integrated Access
- With only three connections needed, LobiBox is simple to install with any existing access control system

- LobiBox handles all updates remotely and automatically at down times to ensure visitor experience is unphased
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Virtual Keys
- Solve the headache of handing out and collecting visitor key cards by issuing self-expiring visitor codes

- Employees can send virtual key codes to their expected guests, monitoring in the app each time a code is used with time-stamped details
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lobicom lockdown

In an emergency, such as a dangerous situation, lockdown all LobiBox secured entry points in seconds from the LobiCom dashboard. Units may also be locked down solely to registered members and can be temporarily disabled with scheduling.

LobiCom central security Lockdown disable visitor unit


detailed reporting

View and export detailed access reports filtered by individual member, access level, or activity type, crucial to any situation where everyone must be accounted for, such as an evacuation.

widespread compatibility

LobiBox's video entry system is compatible with countless government access control applications, including turnstiles, parking systems, gates, and can even be used to protect high-security and restricted areas.

Remote management

Deploy LobiBox devices to multiple locations and manage all from one central station monitoring dashboard, allowing for unlimited scalability with simple administration.

custom accessibility

Select the specific doors that members have access to and the times they can access, ensuring secured areas stay protected.

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