LobiBox Visitor Management System

Intercom Access Control

An all-in-one system, LobiBox can provide intercom access control to your entrance and act as a standalone system or easily integrate with existing hardware.

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Compatible with ANY access control SYSTEM On The Market

single door
access control

single door
access control

LobiBox can control just a single entryway with no additional components or wiring, acting as a standalone access control intercom. Simply connect to power, network, and the door lock to control a single entrance. Meanwhile, the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of standalone systems make for the perfect small security buildings solution. 

standalone access control

integrated intercom access control

access System

LobiBox easily integrates with any existing components. The LobiBox Door Controller (LBDC1) outputs to your current access control system, allowing access and visitor management to multiple locations and entrances. LobiBox can also integrate with parking systems, elevators, turnstiles, and more.

integrated access control
integrated access control
RFID scan access control


Card reader

LobiBox is designed with a built-in RFID card reader, with space to add a different card reader to suit any system.


The LobiBox door controller LBDC1 allows the device to control gates and door locks and has the capabilities to tie into an existing system.

Door Controller Connections
Open Door Feature Within Mobile App



The LobiBox mobile app allows members to lock and unlock doors for themselves and visitors with the touch of a button from a smartphone.


By acting as a relay, the LobiBox intercom can easily connect with any existing components to control doors and gates, making it a universal upgrade to any access control system.

LobiBox Integration With Existing Access Control

Multiple Secure
Entry Methods

With LobiBox’s access control system, secure access has never been easier. Tenants may scan a card or tap in the app to open doors and gates and send virtual codes to their guests. Visitors may contact central reception, who can verify them before granting access.

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