LobiBox Visitor Management System

Visitor management system for coworking spaces

The LobiBox system is designed with Coworking Spaces in mind, easing access and visitor management for tenants, while providing an extra layer of safety and reducing staff costs.

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Compatible with ANY ACCEss control system On The Market


Tenants can visually verify guests before granting access, and administrators can view a live event feed of transactions, including time-stamped images and video.

Staff Costs

LobiBox becomes your part-time receptionist, freeing your staff up to take on other tasks. Tenants and their visitors can simply manage access through the LobiBox app.

Impress Tenants
with Technology

Offer a self-managed visitor management system for your tenants, simplifying their day-to-day. The LobiBox unit also provides an easy-to-use and modern system, giving a welcoming touch to incoming visitors.

Whether you’re searching for a visitor management system for one location, or a remotely-managed multi-site solution, LobiBox has scalable options to fit every coworking space. LobiBox helps Community Managers do what they do best, without the stress of covering the front desk and facilitating visitors.

LobiBox offers an array of features with Coworking Spaces in mind, simplifying the day-to-day of tenants, while easing the responsibilities of admin and improving security. Easily installed and fit to integrate with your existing access control components, LobiBox provides convenient benefits to both users and administrators alike.

Add a layer of security

The biggest safety concern to community managers is ensuring they know who is onsite. Allow your tenants to visually verify guests before they enter, and provide administrators with a robust dashboard tracking all events with time-stamped images and video.

improve tenant experience

With options for workspaces, set yours apart with a property technology that both improves the tenant experience and reduces risk. Tenants love being able to self-manage their guests and having multiple access methods in case they forgot one. LobiBox allows them to enter with a Pin Code, QR code, with a key card or fob, and through the mobile app.

Remain in control with custom permissions

Administrators can set custom access levels and schedules for tenants, granting or denying them permissions such as sending visitor codes, granting remote access through the app, and receiving calls from the LobiBox directory. Admin can grant or revoke credentials anytime through the Administrative Dashboard.

Features for Community managers

Simplifying access and visitor management for you and your guests.

Community Managers can grant or revoke access credentials to guests immediately through the mobile app or administrative dashboard.


View a live feed of event transactions with time-stamped images so you always know who is on on property.


Admin Dashboard Event Transactions Report


Create custom visitor codes for your guests to access the property. Simply program the code through the LobiBox app and send to your guest.

access codes for rental properties


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