LobiBox Visitor Management System

Gate Entry System

Prioritize safety, security, and convenience for residents with a modern video gate entry system for your community’s entrance.

Learn how lobibox can solve your visitor management needs

Compatible with ANY Access control system On The Market

Get visitors through faster

LobiBox’s gate entry system speeds up the process of getting both residents and visitors through the gate – so it’s less hassle for everyone.

Schedule visitors

Issue self-expiring key codes to expected visitors, such as staff, maintenance, and delivery drivers. Residents may send unique codes to their guests through the mobile app.

Built-in Card ACcess

LobiBox can be a standalone gated community access control system, allowing residents to easily gain access by swiping a card or key fob.

video call verification

Visitors may dial directly to the resident they are visiting, who can visually verify the guest over a video call before granting access from their smartphone.

improve onsite safety & security

  • Unique, self-expiring visitor codes eliminate shared codes
  • Add a layer of security between residents and the public with a video door entry system for your gated community.
  • Only residents, staff, and approved visitors are able to access

Create custom access levels

set GATED COMMUNITY access CONTROL rules and permissions for each type of visitor to your property





Residents manage their guests

Custom visitor scheduling simplifies access to your community

  • Revoke access at any time
  • Administrators can monitor visitor codes and track their use
  • Choose the dates and times in which codes are valid

• Package Deliveries

• Food Deliveries

• Friends & Family

• Service Workers

improve your Gate entry system

Get visitors through faster

Eliminate traffic jams at the front gate, ensuring only residents and their verified guests may enter. Through the gated community access control system, visitors may scan a temporary key sent to them by a resident, or call them through the LobiBox system. The mobile app allows residents to verify guests with a video call before remotely granting entry to the gated community.

gated community access control


tenant retention

Residential communities need modern amenities to retain residents and attract new ones. LobiBox provides an elevated visitor and member experience while boosting safety.

amazon key for business

LobiBox is compatible with Amazon Key for Business, allowing Amazon delivery drivers to access the property seamlessly with verification.

one-way video

One-way video door entry systems for your gated community allow residents to verify who is at the gate without showing themselves and giving context to their location, maximizing security and safety.

remote management

Through centralized gate entry system, you can monitor and can take charge of activity on property from anywhere and on any device, providing property managers more administrative supervision than ever.

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