LobiBox Visitor Management System

Video Intercom System

Boost peace of mind for your residents and employees with LobiBox’s video intercom call capabilities.

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how it works:

video intercom

With LobiBox video intercom, tenants may connect with one-way video to the unit to greet, verify visitors, and grant entry.

video intercom calls tenant to verify guest

When a guest arrives at the property, they will need a tenant’s approval before granted access.

video intercom call a member directory

The guest can scan a virtual key, or press Call a Member on the video intercom system to be connected to the tenant.

video intercom call from visitor

The tenant’s phone will ring and they can one-way video call with their guest on the video door intercom before granting access.

video intercom granting access to visitors

If the tenant grants access, the door will be unlocked and will lock after the guest passes through.

lobibox video call
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Upgrade building security

with lobibox video intercom

LobiBox provides one-to-many call capabilities, allowing one station to connect to any number of tenants or employees mobile devices.


Guests may search for a member by name, or scroll the directory in the video intercom system.

Visitor Searching The Members Directory
Accept Delivery from mobile app


video calls

One-way video calls with two way audio allow the member to visually verify guests while maintaining privacy by not revealing themselves to the visitor.


The ‘I Need Assistance’ button connects visitors with a central security point of contact who can verify their identity and location before granting access or providing directions.

Security Guard Overseeing Building
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