LobiBox Visitor Management System

LobiBox Video Intercom App

Everything you need, all in one place: the LobiBox mobile app brings accessibility and visitor management to members’ smartphones.

Download the LobiBox mobile app and gain entry with one tap, create and manage visitor access codes, and receive one-way video calls from visitors.

Visitor Code Creation and Open Door Screen on mobile app

Learn how LobiBox can solve your visitor management needs

Compatible with ANY Access COntrol On The Market

Accept Delivery from mobile app

Easy & Efficient
Visitor Management

Scan-To-Enter Access Codes

Create unique multi-use visitor codes with dedicated access schedules using the video intercom app. Adjust or revoke access for visitors from anywhere within seconds.

No More Missed Deliveries!

With one-way video intercom access and remote unlocking via the mobile app, your employees can visually verify and accepts food and package deliveries from anywhere in the world. When the delivery worker calls the member directly from the entrance, the member may unlock the door with one tap.


Members can receive an alert when visitors arrive or when granted access with visitor code.

Mobile app Access Control features

One-Click Door Unlock

With the swift tap of a button, members can unlock any entry point that is equipped with a LobiBox device.


Visitor Scheduling

LobiBox's video intercom app allows residents to provide their visitors with unique access codes sent directly to their phone or email, setting a schedule for when their guest may enter.

Secure Video Entry

When a visitor calls through the LobiBox, the member can connect with a one-way video call in the mobile app to verify the guest before granting access.

Rollover calls

If a call is missed, rollover sends a visitor's call to the next person in line to answer, whether that be a coworker or a roommate.

Visitor History Log

The history tab in the video intercom app stores records of all calls a member receives and codes they administer with time-stamped details.

redirect calls

Heading on vacation and need someone to water the plants or let out the dog? Redirect allows you to temporarily forward calls to another member.

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