LobiBox Visitor Management System

Smart Video Intercom System for Multi-Tenant

Invest in a multi-tenant intercom system that elevates tenant experience and simplifies access for both residents and guests.

Learn how lobibox can solve your visitor management needs

Compatible with ANY ACCEss control system On The Market


With no limits to the number of users or units in the system, LobiBox is a perfect fit for any sized apartment community.


Multi-unit door entry systems provide safe and secure access in senior living facilities while elevating the level of control and oversight by administrators.


Adding a multi-tenant intercom system to student housing provides campus administrators with advanced tracking capabilities and supports campus resources with the ‘Call for Assistance’ button.


Send prospective residents a virtual key code allowing them to access the facility or unit on their own terms.

Simple visitor management for your residents

REsidents can send their guest a visitor code with custom dates & Times

  • Only approved guests may access the property
  • Revoke access at any time
  • Administrators can monitor visitor codes and track their use
  • No more shared key codes

Built-In Access control

LobiBox’s multi-tenant intercom system has a built-in card reader allowing it to be a standalone access control system or it can integrate with your existing card access system with no limit on the number of users.

Create custom access levels

set access rules and permissions for each type of visitor to your property





LobiCom central security for multi-tenant properties

manage multiple locations

LobiBox’s multi-unit door entry system is built on a cloud-based infrastructure with robust administrative capabilities allowing multi-tenant property managers new views into what is happening on-site while simplifying the tedious onboarding and maintenance processes.

self-guided tours

Scheduling tours with prospective residents is difficult, and self-guided tours offer more flexibility while increasing the likelihood of conversion. Property managers send virtual keys to the visitor’s phone and can monitor usage in the admin dashboard.

self guided tours for multi-familyproperties

Simplify your multi-tenant
intercom system

LobiBox Visitor Units offer many easy and efficient methods for your tenants, staff, and visitors to enter your property. Registered members can gain access through the multi-tenant intercom system with the mobile app, a provided RFID card, or a scan-to-enter visitor code.


modern amenity

Residential communities need modern amenities to retain residents and attract new ones. LobiBox provides an elevated visitor and member experience while boosting safety.

amazon key for business

LobiBox is compatible with Amazon Key for Business, allowing Amazon delivery drivers to access the property seamlessly with verification.

delivery keys

Create virtual keys for delivery drivers to efficiently access a multi-unit door entry system and monitor their usage - just add key details to the delivery instructions.

easy member administration

The admin dashboard makes managing new members and turnover easy. Give and revoke access to residents in just a few clicks.

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