LobiBox Visitor Management System

Intercom Access for Rental Properties

Providing intercom access control with custom permissions to those who manage rental properties – from AirBnBs to hotels to long-term stays.

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Compatible with ANY ACCEss control system On The Market

lobibox rental property access control

Whether you manage condos and townhomes for long-term stays in a big city, vacation homes for short-term stays in a tropical destination, or any other kind of rental property, you know how inconvenient it can be to schedule a time with renters to give them access to the property. There’s a more convenient way to grant renters access to a property and keep it secure with LobiBox. 

LobiBox has a variety of features that make it easier to use and more secure than traditional forms of access control. It’s also a cost-efficient solution, designed to be easily administered so you can outfit all your properties with this technology quickly and without breaking the bank, no matter how many you rent out. Schedule a demo today to see the benefits LobiBox offers you and your renters!

Rental properties come in all shapes and sizes, and all can benefit from what this all-in-one smart video intercom has to offer.

More Secure Properties

Rather than just relying on a lock and key, LobiBox allows you and your renters to choose from several different entry methods – RFID card reader, QR code, video intercom system, and our mobile app. Renters can choose which option works best for verifying the identity of guests.

Easier Check-in and check-out

Instead of meeting up with renters to check them in and out of a property, LobiBox can manage this all for you with our app. Just set a code that grants access for a specific period of time and give it to your renters. When they move out, just change the code. Think of LobiBox as your digital receptionist.

Remote Management

LobiBox’s user-friendly administrative dashboard allows property managers to take charge and monitor any activity anywhere and on any device. The dashboard also includes live reporting and extensive history logs. LobiBox is compatible with every other entry system available today, so you won’t be wasting money or time upgrading or overhauling the access control system you have in place.

Features for Property Managers

Simplifying access and visitor management for you and your guests.

Create custom visitor codes for your guests to access the property. Simply program the code through the LobiBox app and send to your guest.

access codes for rental properties


Property Managers can grant or revoke access credentials to guests immediately through the mobile app or administrative dashboard.


View a live feed of event transactions with time-stamped images so you always know who is on on property.


Admin Dashboard Event Transactions Report


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