LobiBox Visitor Management System

Access Control Dashboard

All-in-one access management and data tracking.

Learn how the LobiBox Visitor Management Dashboard can simplify access to your property

Compatible with ANY Access COntrol On The Market

configuring access management

Set up your members with a completely integrated visitor management system. Create access levels with set schedules to manage who may access your property. Easily manage individual access for up to 10,000 members.

managed access for tenants and residents


Using the access control dashboard, you can easily add or remove tenants as they come and go, change their access level, and grant permissions.

access levels

access levels

Create access levels for each type of visitor to your property: residents, employees, vendors, and more.

access schedules


Set the times and doors in which each access level is allowed to enter.

Admin Dashboard Access Levels Video
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Access levels are groupings of people that will require access to your property, such as departments, shifts, job responsibilities, etc. Each access level will have specific times and doors in which they can access.

Create custom access levels for each type visitor

The LobiBox Access Control Dashboard lets you control tenant and visitor access to all entry points. The cloud-based system allows for immediate updates so access can be granted or revoked in just a few clicks.

Residents Family
Employees Meeting
Cleaning Staff
Delivery Man


LobiBox’s integrated visitor management system will have specific times for each access level to access the property. Administrators also have the option to select which doors each level may access.

Admin Dashboard Schedules For Members
Admin Dashboard Event Transactions Report

Secure Digital
event Log

Live door Access Event Log

The Access Control Dashboard stores a complete entry log for each door including, timestamps, member information, entry methods, and forced open attempts.

Image Capture & Storage

LobiBox Visitor Units capture live images of the visitor during entries or entry attempts, allowing security to monitor who is entering your property.


Access reports based on event or activity with specific time and image details recorded through our visitor management system.

Admin Dashboard Visitor Codes Usage Report

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