LobiBox Visitor Management System


LobiBox has an endless amount of secure and efficient applications for any and all business types. From residential buildings to commercial or retail locations, LobiBox is the perfect all-in-one solution guaranteed to be compatible with any current security system.

Compatible with ANY entry System On The Market

Multi-Tenant Video Entry Unit

Invest in an amenity that secures your building and empowers your residents to easily manage access for friends and family.

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Secure your property and access points with an easily administered visitor management system. Stay on top of your commercial investment like never before.

Prioritize safety and security for the residents in your gated community with secure video approval before granting access to visitors.

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Provide your residents with a safe and reliable way to enter the building or complex, and allow them to create visitor access codes for friends and family.

LobiBox Office Building Video Entry

Provide an easy and efficient method of entry into the office for employees or contractors with managed schedules and access levels.

There's nothing like shopping with best friends !

Secure the back of your store and limit access to your staff and trusted vendors, setting custom schedules for each individual.

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Simplify member management and add a high-tech amenity for your students, elevating their residency experience and providing your property with additional security.

With high-powered gate and door lock control capabilities and multi-factor authentication for additional security, LobiBox can secure any building.

LobiBox The Virtual Receptionist Kiosk

The Flexible
Entry Solution

LobiBox is compatible with any current entry or security system regardless of age or technology used, and requires minimal additional hardware or installation time when completed by a verified LobiBox installation technician. Request a call from one of our Secure Entry Experts and find out how LobiBox can solve your problems.

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