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lobibox visitor entry unitNo doubt, security is a real concern for everyone these days. A door entry system is a vital element for the safety of your property’s premises. The device serves as a doorbell and intercom to provide you control over the entrances of your apartment complex or other multi-tenant facility. They are also used to provide access to restricted areas of your office to enhance security within building premises. With the advancing concepts of smart homes in the 21st century, your property must require more than just a simple lock. The door entry systems are more popular than ever and a reliable way to maintain safety and security in the offices and homes. Access control system to any property is essential, nowadays.

Types of Multi-Tenant Video Intercom Systems

There are mainly two types of door entry systems; audio telephone entry systems and telephone entry system with video. Stick to this article to explore the pros and cons of each. A proper door entry system will ensure that the access will only be provided to authorized people.

Apartment building intercom

Modern Residential BuildingAudio entry system consists of a buzzer system and two-way audio communication. The door entry controller can speak to the visitors and allow access by a lock release button. The drawback in audio-based entry systems is the lack of visuals, so the controller needs to rely on the audio for verification of visitors. Callers can say whatever they like over the intercom because you have no way of checking unless you physically go downstairs to open the door and look at them.

The telephone entry systems with video can be supposed as the most effective ones. These devices are considered as the most protective for the home and office use.  It is not just a remote lock, but a perfect solution for rising security challenges in the modern world.

A door video entry system such as Lobibox combines a security camera with buzzer and microphone at the point of entry and a monitor at the internal control unit, allowing the owner to identify the visitor visually. It is an excellent way of controlling access to your home and office.

In the era of smart homes, modern video entry systems are getting more and more features to provide you with reliable security. The high-resolution camera of video entry system allows the residents to visually check the IDs of the visitors in their home without moving to the door.

Video door phone intercom system 

Employee Using RFID Card Reader Through LobiBox To Gain AccessThese video entry systems are best also for small businesses. It abolishes the need for receptionist in the office; meanwhile the office workers can control their visitors all by their own without affecting their work efficiency.

Modern video entry systems come with a mobile phone app. They provide the ultimate remote access to control the entry systems without moving from your comfort. 

Card Access Control

Whether you own a $6m villa or have rented a one-bed apartment in a block, or you run a small office without a reception, the video entry system can always be a better experience than an audio intercom phone. It is not a luxury, but an essential to keep bad guys out of your home and office.

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